banner-solarfield-theproject THE PROJECT The project involves the creation of a Photovoltaic system of 20 MW power to produce and deliver electricity to the grid under a contract of Power Purchase Agreement (P.P.A. or C.A.E.) subscribed with the local Utility, SENELEC on the 31/12/2013. The PV plant will be built in a rural land at north of the Kahone city in Kaolack Region. The Project has being developed and fully financed by Energy Resources SENEGAL s.a., and it will be developed with the contribution of i-FER Srl and some investment funds specialized in the management of solar farms. BUSINESS MODEL The business model is based on the sale of energy to a local Utility through a Power Purchase Agreement (P.P.A.) which fix the terms and conditions and the selling price of energy and the duration (25 years at least). • The project will be fully financed by a Special Purpose Company owned by E.R. Senegal • The Government obligation doesn’t include any investment in the project. TECHNICAL DATA System Power | 20 mWp Site| KAHONE, SENEGAL Geographical coordinates: 14°10’55.45″N, 16°1’42.00″W Occupied area | 40 hectares Annual yield (by PVGis) | 1.650 kWh/kWp Annual production | ​​33.000.000 kWh MILESTONES OF PROJECT

August 2012: scouting phase starts  autorizzazione-ministro-energia-web41-723x1024
 November 2012: presentation of project to the Minister of Energy
 December 2012: Agrément of Project by the Minister of Energy
 March 2013: Establishment of Energy Resources SENEGAL s.a.
 June 2013: Concession of Paper of land by Kahone Mayor
 July 2013: start of negotiations of PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) with Senelec
 September 2013: achievement of building permits
 October 2013: signature of PPA with Senelec
 December 2013: E.P.C. contracts
 January 2014: works start
 June 2014: works end and connection to the grid.

Energy Resources SENEGAL s.a.  Siège social: Dakar (Sénégal), 254 Sacré Cœur 3 Extension tel 00 221 338730601 |  fax 00 221 338730601
RCCM (Registre du Commerce et du Crédit Mobilier): SN-DKR-2013-B-5799 | Capital social: 10.000.000 de Francs CFA |