Energy Resources Senegal offers services dedicated to the energy efficiency improvement of industrial and residential buildings by the production of energy from renewable sources, the application of innovative systems and products with a low impact on the environment.

Reducing consumptions and improving the internal environment quality, it’s possible. To do so, it’s necessary to analyse he energy needs of the building and identify the “weak points”.

Energy Resources Senegal offers the following services:

– complete and targeted energy audits
: the building energy analysis is the first step to carry out optimisation and rationalisation interventions of the used resources. Thanks to this analysis it is possible to intervene on the used resources management in order to set at zero the environmental impact on each single type of building.

– high efficient building protections: the design and realisation of projects for the building energy efficiency stand for a constant research of innovative solutions in the building sector and, in particular, for an improvement of the technical characteristics of the building protections.

– customised domotic systems: the research in the electronics and design of automation systems led to the realisation of customised domotic systems, dedicated to the management and monitoring of the energy production from renewable sources.

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